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MindCET connects startups, educators, researchers, learners, high-tech industry leaders, investors and policymakers – to offer alternative solutions relevant to the learner of the Digital Age

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We identify, support and accelerate innovative EdTech solutions so they can create maximum impact in the global marketplace
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Accelerating EdTech innovation

With its R&D experience and knowledge base, MindCET helps EdTech startups accelerate their growth. We facilitate creative meetings of entrepreneurs, educators, researchers, developers, students and industry leaders to build the most relevant and innovative EdTech products.


Connecting educators and entrepreneurs

Join our early adopters programs and take part in pilots for innovative solutions

MindCET offers programs for professional development to teachers, focusing on encounters between educators and EdTech initiatives in various stages of development

Connecting the global EdTech ecosystem

Through encouraging initiatives, knowledge-sharing and exploring technological trends for alternative learning, international connections can empower local and global ecosystems, and enable the growth of the EdTech community.

Join this vibrant international community dedicated to re-thinking and re-designing the world of education

Unboxing School

Help schools change by responding to their biggest challenges

This is an international movement dedicated to creating significant change in educational practice.
Unboxing School leverages the opportunities that have developed during Covid in order to create deep change in schools.

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